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The word 'Babel' has the original meaning of Bab=gate and El=God. It was the builders' hope that they were building a gateway to heaven.

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Jan 20, 2012
The Tower of Babel
by: James

The Tower of Babel was built as a stairway to heaven in the land of Shinar/Sumer right before the time nations existed.

The Step Pyramid was built like a stairway to heaven. It must have been the first building project the Egyptians labored on when they left Sumer for Egypt.

The Step Pyramid was built in Zoser's reign. Zoser is likely Mizraim the father of the Egyptians.

The Egyptians have Zoser on their king's list some 800 years after legendary Menes. Aren't these 800 years hiding the real history by placing a false list of kings before Zoser?

The Egyptians leaving the Tower of Babel and after entering Africa would have not taken 800 years to build the Step Pyramid since the Egyptians had the knowledge to create Stairway's to Heaven by the work they did at the Tower of Babel.

The next king with completed pyramids is Snef-ru most likely the son of Path-ru (sim)Sim = tribe the man's name is Path-ru.(Genesis 10:14) Most likely Path-ru was deified Ptah helped in building Upper Egypt (Pathros-Ezekiel 29:14)

Egyptian priest Imhotep living in Zoser's reign worshipped Ptah. Imhotep's mother was Khreduankh. Ankh is the pagan T cross which may represent the deified Tammuz/Nimrod.

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