Ancient Assyrian,Babylonian,Biblical,Cushite,Egyptian and Elamite historical confirmations

by Lujack Skylark

Historical connections are solidly made when we correlate Assyrian, Babylonian, Biblical, Cushite, Egyptian and Elamite cross references together getting the mystery history coming to life.

Assyrian kings:
Tiglath-Pilesar III 753-735 B.C.
Shalmaneser V 734-729 B.C.
Sargon II 728-712 B.C.
Sennacherib 711-688 B.C.
Esarhaddon 687-676 B.C.
Ashur-Banipal 675-633 B.C.
Ashur-Etil-llani 632-629 B.C. & his brother Sin-Shum-Ishkun fight against each other in a bloody civil war.
Sin-Shum-Ishkun 628-612 B.C.
Ashur-Uballit II 611-605 B.C.

Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzer 605-562 B.C.

Biblical Judean kings:
Ahaz 741-725 B.C.
Hezekiah 725-696 B.C.
Manasseh 696-641 B.C.
Amon 641-639 B.C.
Josiah 639-608 B.C.
Jehoahaz 608 B.C.
Jehoiakim 608-597 B.C.
Jehoichin 597 B.C.
Zedekiah 597-586 B.C.

Israel kings:
Pekah 758-738 B.C.
Hoshea 738-729 B.C.

Cushite kings:
Piankhi 759-728 B.C.
Shabaka 728-714 B.C.
Shebitku 714-698 B.C. reigns over Egypt.
Taharqa 714-698 B.C. reigns over Ethiopia. Taharqa reigns over both Ethiopia and Egypt 698-672 B.C.
Tanutamun 672-664 B.C.

Egyptian kings:
Psamtik I 664-610 B.C.
Necho II 610-595 B.C.
Psamtik II 595-589 B.C.
Apries (Hophra) 589-570 B.C.

Elamite kings:
Humban-Nikash 750-725 B.C.
Shutruk-Nahhunte II 725-707 B.C.
Hallutush-Inshushinak 707-700 B.C.
Kudur-Nahunte 700 B.C.
Humban-Nimena 700-695 B.C.
Humban-Haltash I 695-688 B.C.
Shilhak-Inshushinak 688-682 B.C.
Urtaki 682-671 B.C.
Tempt-Humban-Inshushinak 671-661 B.C.
Atta-Hamti-Inshushinak 661-656B.C.
Humban-Haltash II 656-652 B.C.

Cushite king Piankhi 759-728 B.C. 21st year invades Egypt in 738 B.C. at the same time Israel's king Hoshea in 738 B.C. assassinated Pekah. (2 Kings 15:30)

Judah's king Ahaz 741-725 B.C. had joined a military alliance with Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III. (2 Kings 16:7) Assyrian historians recorded Tiglath-Pileser III 753-735 B.C. had witnessed Hoshea 738-729 B.C. becoming the Israel king.

Assyrian king Shalmaneser V 734-729 B.C. then came up against Hoshea. (2 Kings 17:3-4) Cushite king Piankhi controlled Egypt and Osorkon IV (So) 740-725 B.C. was his vassal, reigning in Egypt's delta.

Hoshea wanted So to help him wage a war against Shalmaneser V. (2 Kings 17:3-4) Hoshea's plot is discovered and the Assyrians put an end to Hoshea's kingdom, as most of the population is carried off to Assyria. Judah's king Hezekiah 725-696 B.C. invites those who escaped out of Assyria's hands to turn to the Lord. (2 Chronicles 30:6)

Osorkon IV later brings Sargon II 728-712 B.C. horses as tribute.

Assyrian king Sargon II goes to war against Elamite king Humban-Nikash 750-725 B.C. and the Elamites win victory. Sargon II then wars against the Egyptians and Ethiopians, lead by Egyptian Cushite king Shabaka 728-714 B.C.

Sargon II wins victory against Shabaka. (Isaiah 20:1-5)

Assyrian king Sennacherib 711-688 B.C. 1st year 711 B.C. he attacks Israel in Hezekiah 625-696 B.C. in Hezekiah's 14th year in 711 B.C. (2 Kings 18:13)

ETHIOPIAN king Tirhakah did nothing to help Judah's king Hezekiah.(2 Kings 19:9-10)

Elamite king Hallutush-Inshushinak 707-700 B.C. takes Sennacherib's son Ashur-Nadin-Shum as prisoner.

Elamite kings:
Kudur-Nahhunte 700 B.C. briefly reigns over Babylon. Hallutush-Inshushinak fled his throne when he saw the Assyrian army coming. Humban-Nimeana 700-695 B.C. army drove their chariots over dead soldiers to get away from the Assyrians. Humban-Nimeana suffers a stroke and the Assyrians win victory against the Elamites in Babylon. Elamite king Humban-Haltash I 695-688 B.C. tries restoring diplomatic relations with Assyria but he fails.

Assyrian king Esarhaddon 687-676 B.C. goes to war against EGYPTIAN king Tirhakah 698-672 B.C. and the Assyrians win victory. Esarhaddon takes Judah king Manasseh 696-641 B.C. as prisoner. (2 Chronicles 33:11)

Places Necho I on Egyptian throne. Tirhakah rebels after Assyrians leave Egypt. Esarhaddon dies en-route to do battle again against Tirhakah.

Assyrian king Ashur-Banipal 675-633 B.C. defeats Tirhakah and places Tanutamun 672-664 B.C. on the Egyptian throne. Tanutamun rebels against Assyria and Ashur-Banipal places Psamtik I 664-610 B.C. on the Egyptian throne, as Tanutamun flees to Ethiopia. Assyrian king Ashur-Banipal defeats Elamite king Humban-Halash II 656-652 B.C.

The Assyrians destroy the Elamite nation. Ashur-Banipal is the Biblical Asnapper. He set the Elamite natives to colonize the cities of Samaria. (Ezra 4:9-10) Ashur-Banipal also let Judah's king Manasseh return to Israel. Ashur-Banipal goes to war against the Arabs 649-646 B.C. The years 645-633 B.C. Ashur-Banipal's records are silent.

Assyrian kings Ashur-Etil-llani and Sin-Shum-Ishkun 632-629 B.C. fight a bloody civil war which weakens Assyria. Sin-Shum-Ishkun wins victory.

Sin-Shum-Ishkun 628-612 B.C. fights Babylonian king Nabopolassar and the Babylonians and Cyaxares win victory. Sin-Shum-Ishkun dies in his burning palace. Assyrian general Ashur-Ballit II 611-605 B.C. army is saved at Charchemish when Egyptian troops lead by Necho II 610-595 B.C. join forces together and defeat Babylonian king Nabopolassar.

Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzer 605-562 B.C. destroys the Assyrian nation in 605 B.C. While Necho II was on his way to help the Assyrians, Judah's king Josiah 639-608 B.C. tried stopping him and Josiah was slain. (2 Chronicles 35:20-26)

Egyptian king Psamtik II 595-589 B.C. fights the Nubians at the fourth cataract. Egyptian king Apries (Hophra) 589-570 B.C. sends troops to help Israel's king Zedekiah 597-586 B.C. but Apries troops flee Nebuchadnezzer's forces. (Jeremiah 44:30)

How can man deny the Bible when both history and prophecy are accurate?

We can witness here the Biblical historical accuracy. The Jews who wrote our Bible have told us the truth. God bless Israel!

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Jul 14, 2012
Ancient Israel's History
by: Lujack Skylark

Seems like more people would be interested in where the Bible meets history.

The Israeli government could prove to the world the ancient Jews had a history. The history/ artifacts found by Moslems on the Temple Mount are being destroyed as the Moslems are busy erasing Jewish history.

Jul 09, 2012
The Bible's Historical Accuracy
by: Robert

Each day the evidence continues to reveal the Bible is a historically accurate book in the season where people are becoming increasingly hostile to Judeo/Christian beliefs.

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