Abraham of the Bible

by Lujack Skylark
(St. Louis)

Abraham lived 1992-1817 B.C. according to Bible chronology. UR III existed 2025-1917 B.C. according to Bible chronology. Abraham was born at UR in the prosperous reign of Shugi/Dungi. The king of Egypt at this time was Pepi II 2003-1913 B.C. whose reign is lowered cause the 7-10 and part of Egypt's 11th dynasty was phony according to the Sakkara kings list - thus Pepi II's reign is lowered. UR III's dynasty there was built a House of Honey and Pepi II is noted for covering his naked slaves with honey.

Abraham entered Egypt during Pepi II's reign. God plagued Egypt (Genesis 12:17) and the Egyptian Memphis dynasty fell. Pepi II had trade with Sodom. Pepi II was Egypt's first bi-sexual king. Sodom is destroyed 20 years after Pepi II had died.

Abraham dug a well and the Philistines argue about who owns the well. (Genesis 21:25) Water is scarce. Egyptian king Mentuhotep II reigns after Pepi II as we discover in the Sakkara kings list. Mentuhotep II reigns over Egypt 1913-1862 B.C. Water is scarce. Mentuhotep II has 12 wells dug along the Egyptian Nubian trade route.

Abraham dies in 1817 B.C. Amenemhet I 1843-1813 B.C. builds the "Walls of the Ruler" to keep the Amorites out of Egypt. Amenemhet I's son is Senusret I 1813-1777 B.C. who is called the "Throat Slitter of Asiatics"
(Oxford History of Egypt). This is the reason God told Isaac to stay out of Egypt. (Genesis 26:2)

Abraham had an interesting life. Should we follow Bible chronology, we discover ancient history matches our Bible.

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May 06, 2012
Biblical and Egyptian Customs
by: Paul

Abraham married his half sister Sarah. (Genesis 20:11-12) Abraham visited Egypt Genesis 12:10-20 during the reign of Egyptian pharaoh (Pepi II) who had married his half sister Neith. Biblical and Egyptian customs match in may ways.

Joseph shaved Genesis 41:14 before meeting with pharaoh Senusret III. Archaeologist found a gold razor in Senusret III's sister Sit-Hathor-Yunet's tomb.

Moses learned all the ways of the Egyptians. (Acts 7:22) Princess Hatshepsut would teach him Egyptian ways.(Exodus 2:5-10)

Thutmose III later would require all Egyptian captives and slaves to worship Egyptian gods. Moses refused. Thutmose III would experience 10 plagues and he would drown in the Red Sea.

Biblical and Egyptian history does match after all. The customs give us new insights.

Mar 08, 2012
The Life of Abraham
by: Todd

The same officials who would have slain Abraham (Genesis 12:12) are the same officials who slew Queen Nitocris brother.

Egypt was in chaos when Abraham visited during Pepi II's reign; and Nitocris inherited this chaos after Abraham had left Egypt and her father Pepi II had died.

Queen Nitocris marked the end of Egypt's Memphis dynasty. The Thebean dynasty replaced her dynasty.

Mar 08, 2012
The Story of Abraham
by: Anonymous

The story of Abraham included many people and events. One event was his trip to Egypt. Abraham's wife Sarah was fair to look upon. Sarah was beautiful, and the Egyptians, when seeing her, would have killed Abraham to get her. (Genesis 12:11-14)

Egypt was morally bankrupt in Egyptian king Pepi II's reign, when Abraham visited Egypt.

Sarah entered the pharaoh's household where princess Nitocris lived. She was also fair to look upon. The Egyptians loved fair skinned women.

God plagued Pepi II for attempting to steal Abraham's wife. (Genesis 12:17) Pepi II's daughter Nitocris, with all her beauty, lost her power a few years after Abraham left Egypt. She died setting herself on fire after avenging her brother's death.

Abraham's life was saved by Sarah saying to Egyptian officials she was Abraham's sister.
(Genesis 12:12-13)

Abraham lived because Sarah defended her brother, and Nitocris died because her brother was not protected.

Pepi II's Memphis dynasty had reached high depravity. Pepi II no doubt thought he could buy God's favor by making Abraham wealthy, (Genesis 13:1-2) yet Pepi II did not repent so his dynasty soon fell when princess Nitocris' life ended.

Aug 22, 2011
Abraham and Isaac
by: Anonymous

Abraham was ordered by God to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham prepared to carry out God's word, but an angel of the Lord called out of heaven telling Abraham not to lay a hand on the child. (Genesis 22:8-13) A ram was provided as sacrifice. God knew and trusted Abraham.

Egyptians did not follow God's word. Mentuhotep II's reign after Pepi II died drought and famine struck Egypt. The Egyptian parents ate their own children.

God had blessed Abraham and cursed Egypt. Isaac lived 1892-1712 B.C. (Genesis 35:28) Mentuhotep II lived (chronology revised) 1913-1862 B.C. The angel of the Lord did not protect the children of pagans.

May 19, 2011
Covenant With Abraham
by: Jack

God's promise: I will bless thee who blesses thee and curse those who curse thee. Genesis 12:3

These words were given to Abraham by God. Today, President Obama has placed a curse upon America by supporting an independent terrorist Palestinian state.

Last time Israel gave up Gaza, a hurricane hit New Orleans. This time our president wants to give away Judea and Samaria; and flood waters are nearing New Orleans.

Those who threaten the Jewish nation will be cursed, just like our God has warned us.

Apr 13, 2011
The Life of Abraham
by: Anonymous

Where did Abraham get his silver? Genesis 13:1-2

There were no silver mines in Africa. The silver Abraham received in Egypt came from his home town
UR, before the Elamites destroyed UR.

The Egyptian king Sahure received silver and gold from Punt in Africa; but the Puntites had acquired their silver from trade with UR.

Silver and gold mixed together produce electrum. Before Abraham was born, UR produced electrum, for an electrum sword was found at the Royal tombs of UR dating around Sahure's reign.

Abraham was a rich man upon leaving Egypt, which had been plagued. SEE Genesis 12:17

Apr 10, 2011
Abraham's Life
by: REX

Wow, we have a plague which struck Egypt; we have a water shortage, and after Abraham's life ended God tells Isaac not to enter Egypt.

I never saw the Sakkara king's list before. Its about time Egyptian priest Manetho's phony dynasties were erased from real history as we discover real Egyptian history, which compliments our Bible.

Apr 08, 2011
Questions About Abraham
by: Lujack Skylark

Suppose we had no dates listed. Abraham visited Sodom; and Egyptian king Pepi II had trade with Sodom.

Abraham dug a well, for water was scarce. Egyptian king Mentuhotep II dug 12 wells along Egyptian/Nubian trade route because water was scarce.

Abraham died. Genesis 26:2 Isaac is told not to enter Egypt. The Walls of the Ruler had been built to keep out Canaanites in Amenemhet I's reign, and Senusret I was called "Throat Slitter of Asiatics".

If you have so much knowledge - who was the pharaoh of Genesis 12:17? Who was plagued, and who was the pharaoh when God told Isaac not to enter Egypt?

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