About melchizedek and father abraham

by ashraf soliman
(el haram,Giza, Egypt)

is Shem the son of Noah? if so,this means that father Abraham was alive just after the death of Noah,and met Melchizedek (Shem) is written in our holy book (Koran) that Mosa (Moses) and Haroon (Aaron) were brothers and descended from Omran (Amram),and Yakoub (Jakob)had 12 sons,and one of them was the prophet Yousef(Josef)who was selected by the Pharaoh of Egypt to hold a position as prime minister..the question is that ;do the Jewish believe that Jesus is the son of God? mentioned the word sacrifice, can you please tell me what about this sacrifice /thank you

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Jul 21, 2017
Confused? NEW
by: Anonymous

"Shem outlived Nimrod by dying at 600 in 1868bc, but Nimrod who died at 500 then outlived Shem by being the last of such longevity to the year 1770bc."

Does that make sense, who outlived who, if Nimurod outlived shem by near 100 years, then why did you say shem outlived nimrod?

Aug 08, 2014
Melchizedek Is a Title
by: Elijahovah

The Melchizedek of Salem is Shem who built Salem in Canaan. But the Melchizedek of Egypt is Nimrod. Shem outlived Nimrod by dying at 600 in 1868bc, but Nimrod who died at 500 then outlived Shem by being the last of such longevity to the year 1770bc. Shem at age 575 gave the title to Abram at age 125 in 1893bc when Isaac was offered as sacrifice so that 25 years later at Shem's death in 1868bc the others knew that Shem did not approve of Nimrod as being Melchizedek (both men honored as such (as Melchizedek) since Noah Melchizedek's death in 2021bc on Greek Christmas December 25.

Thus for 25 years to 1843bc Abram represented that Melchizedek of righteousness. And this is proven by Abram's death 1843bc mistaken as a 600-year cycle of Flood 3043bc to 2443bc to 1843bc by Demetrius and by Eupolemus. Shem's true life 2468-1868bc, is mistaken with Assyrian Flood 2970bc as being 3068-2468bc which is 25 years before 3043-2443bc of Abram's death 1843bc.

The sacrifice of 1893bc to close the first Year of Babylon's first king Samu-Abum (an Amorite) of 1894bc is to counter the worship of Marduk (the planet Mars labeled as The Son) where this Son of the Father, is equated as newborn planet, firstborn planet of Utu the Sun, of which the sun was also a symbol of being Noah the Father, Noah the light, represented by The Son. So who was The Son. Was it Shem or was it Noah. Which was The Son of The Father, the son of Noah, bringer of rest. Was it active Nimrod or passive Shem, was it the work of Nimrod or was it the example by Shem?

The passive king was willing to give up his own son, while others kept worshipping the Marduk as someone to come; always someone to come, and never getting there. If you kill every Messiah, over and over, then you will never see all of those who have been that messiah, holy ones dying, because they were killed as criminals. Passive ones who did not comply to those who think they force all others to act for the righteous justice of God.

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