Nephilim civil war mentioned in the Mahabharata?

The book of Enoch mentions that G-d directed Gabriel to incite a civil war between the Giants/Nephilim. I have looked for any stories/myths/examples of this being mentioned in history. After reading the ancient India text "the Mahabharata" I think I have found a reference. All the hero's and main characters in this text are claimed to have divine origins- either sons of G-ds, self produced without being born in the womb, or some other "magical/special" birth. All of these heroes are described as being huge/super strength/extreme speed/advanced weapons/knowledge/ect, and these are the rules/kings of men. In the Mahabharata a war brakes out between these heroes who are all related to each others (cousins/uncles/bothers/ect). All but just a handful of these heroes are killed in this civil war. The weapons and feats that are described in this book can only be attested to either an epic sci-fi imagination or the description of a Nephilim civil war. It is my belief that the Mahabharata is the description of Enoch's civil war between the Nephilim. This is the only ancient text that I have found that describes beings, with "g-ds" as fathers, subject the whole earth to their rule and then having a civil war between each other for control of the world. I'm just wondering if anyone else has researched ancient texts and come to the same conclusions?

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Oct 22, 2017
I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree. I come from a Hindu background. I think the Gita is indeed about the nephilim civil war.

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