Descendents of Black Slaves in America are the original Hebrew Isrealites...

by Angela Mcfadden

According to scripture, the blacks in America are the original biblical HEBREW ISREALITES. Deuteronomy CH. 4 and CH. 28 lists BLESSINGS and CURSES that the Isrealites would receive if they obey or disobey GOD'S word. History proves that before Israel was called Israel, it was first called the "land of Canaan" inhabited by the cannanites. The Cannanites were DESCENDENTS OF Canaan, a son of Ham and he as well as his descendents would be cursed due to Ham' s gazing and making fun of his father's Noah' s nakedness. Noah cursed Canaan and his DESCENDENTS, not his own son Ham. Ham became indirectly cursed because Canaan was his son. The book of genesis FORETOLD the defeat of the inhabitants of the Land of Canaan due to awful depravity and incredible DISOBEDIENCE. GOD promised the land to Abram and his DESCENDENTS. The BLACK SLAVES are the people's fitting the descriptions outlined in Deutoronomy ch. 4 & CH 28; they were enslaved 400 yrs. In America, SHIPPED by way of ships, treated horribly by their enemies, etc. Read these chapters and piece the bible together with the things going on today in modern day society. I get a more cleared understanding of why my Black Race are continuously oppressed.

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Jul 23, 2016
Ancient Hebrews and their Asian counterparts NEW
by: ken frye

Noah was a Black man as well his children. Noah gathered the animal from one place Africa. There is no other place on earth you can find such animals. The other races descended from albinism which turns the skin white and mixing Black and white together you get all the other races or shades in between. Canaan was cursed to the point that Yisrael took over their land. All ancient maps are destroyed to hide the land mass of what then was called all of Asia including North Africa and West Asia we call Europe which did not exists until the 1600's. Abraham was a Kushite and the word Hebrew means to cross over and wander as he did do. Lets get the facts right, go do some home work. Shalom

Jan 12, 2016
Zion NEW
by: Anonymous

The apple of his eye

Jan 10, 2016
I disagree NEW
by: Anonymous

I believe the descendants of Abraham follow the line of Shem. You are correct in your statement of Ham's descendant, notably from his youngest son Canaan. He was to be the servants of servants. Although, I suspect Canaan was the father of the majority of what we call Asians. My understanding is the some Cush to be the father of African Americans. Nevertheless, the curse of Ham would still apply.

Oct 20, 2015
by: Anonymous

I thought I was going to like this website but I guess not. These comments about who the black slaves are astound me. People who are ignorant should not post on this site without sound information.

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