by William J Lenhart
(Travelers Rest, S.C., USA)

How did the name YaH come into useage?

The high point of popularity usage for the name YaH in Egypt can be found following the Middle Kingdom when many people immigrated from the Levant and the Hyksos to rule Egypt. Therefore, it is likely that contact with the regions of Palestine, Syria and Babylon were important in the development of the Hebrew name YAH in Egypt.

It was the Theban royal family during the New Kingdom era, who expunged the foreign Levant and Hyksos rulers from Egypt, but then strangely kept the name of the god Yah and incorporated it into their Egyptian names.

The daughter of the 17th Dynasty king, Tao I, was Yah-hotep, meaning "Yah is content". Also another interpretation of the name of the founder of the 18th Dynasty, Ahmose, is Yahmose, which would mean "Yah is born". However, this was not the only name associated with the Hyksos god YAH to be adopted by Egyptians.

In the tomb of Tuthmosis III of the 18th Dynasty, who is often called the Napoleon of Egypt, and who was perhaps responsible for Egypt's greatest expansion into the Levant, there is a scene where the king is accompanied by his mother and three queens, including Sit-Yah, the "daughter of the moon-god". However, after this 18th Dynasty period, the traces of the YAH moon cult in Egypt became sporadic.

The fact that Elohim Shaddai brought Israel out of Egypt is the very reason God Almighty/Elohim Shaddai adds the four letter appellation YHWH ,sounded as YaH, as His name forever.

Egypt had Israel in bondage for 430 years and without a doubt during those 430 years the Egyptians instilled in some Israelite's that the Egyptian moon cult of YaH was great and powerful enough to keep Israel as slaves in Egypt; but when the El Shaddai of
Abraham and Isaac and Jacob brings Israel out of Egyptian bondage, that we see Elohim Shaddai take the Egyptian Pharaoh's useage of the word YaH as His name forever to remind Israel His Firstborn Son forever that Elohim Shaddai was now the forever name of YAH Elohim Shaddai the eternal YaH of Israel.

The Egyptians erronously thought their Pharaoh's were YaH of course as revealed in (Rom 9:17 KJV) For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I ( El Shaddai) raised thee up, that I might show my (El Shaddai) power in thee, and that my name (YAH Elohim Shaddai) might be declared throughout all the earth.

We see the Pharaoh's who were given power by YAH also took the name YAH as their name in the 18th Dynasty, as did Ahmose, as Yahmose, which meant "Yah is born".


"YaH is born" as Pharoah became the Egyptian false doctrine of YaH becoming incarnate man as Pharaoh Yahmose. The Bible believer knows that YaH was never born and was never born a man Num 23:19.

After the 18th Dynasty period, the name YaH disappears from Egyptian useage because YAH became the four letter Hebrew appellation YHWH sounded as YAH Elohim Shaddia who delivered Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

The "a" in YaH is implied since Hebrew did not have vowels per say at this time in history but many Hebrew letters when combined such as the four letter string consonant appellation YHWH was voiced by breathing in or out one breath the letters YH as the "a" sound YaH. The "a" was not called a vowel at that time but was the sound of what we now know as the "a" vowel sound that existed when certain Hebrew letters such as YH where used in speech.

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