The Tribe of Simeon

by RMS

The only tribe I want to talk about at this point is Simeon. In Gen. 49, we read that Simeon would be scattered in Israel. In Joshua 19:1 we see that this prophecy was fulfilled when Simeon was given cities in Judah.

This took place because Simeon, the second son of Jacob (Israel) when in unto one of his father's concubines and laid with her which resulted in God judging not only Simeon but also all of his offspring - the tribe of Simeon.

That is why the tribe of Simeon had little importance in Israel.

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Jul 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

It was REUBEN that went up to Jacob's bed and not SIMEON, and he only slept with one concubine, Bilhah Gen.35:22 with Gen.49:4; and JUDAH's land was too much for them that's why SIMEON got part of their inheritance. That's not the fulfillment of Gen.49:7 - it says they would be scattered in ISRAEL, not in just one tribe.

Gen.49:7 LEVI was divided and scattered in JACOB and ISRAEL because every tribe had cities set aside for LEVI. (Num.35:1-8 Jos.21:1-42 Deu.10:8,9)

Nothing is concrete on SIMEON except for 2 Kings12:17 and 2 Chr.15:9.

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