The Tower of Babel was built in East Africa.

by Promise2bless

After extensive research I have found that the Tower was built in East Africa, at the strait of Babel Mandel which can be found on ancient maps of Africa.

After the overthrow, Nimrod and his brothers traveled to Babylon in the ancient Near East,and to build cities and set up colonies such as Egypt, Syria, Media Persia, Assyria, Mesopotamia etc, etc.

I have made a video based on the information found:

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Feb 04, 2019
by: Aliencommando

Kilimanjaro fits the size of the Tower of Babel as given in Jasher. 40 miles in diameter, 125 miles around, three days walk all the way around. The rate is 1.7 mph if walking continuously, 2.6 mph if walking 16 hours per day and resting 8, or 5.2 mph if walking 8 hrs and resting 16. The latter seems to be the meaning of three days walk. So. There it is, just like the Titans. Can't see it because it's too big. And btw, the tower sank 1/3, fire consumed 1/3, and 1/3 was left above ground. So the original Tower of Babel was damn near TEN MILES HIGH! Holy creole!

Dec 19, 2018
sorry NEW
by: Anonymous

no ronnie their was not any pale face people in this region!

Jul 11, 2018
Nimrod Was Also A Hitler 5000 Years Ago NEW
by: Ronnie Ron Safreed

That is true & according to Barry Setterfield Babel was in what is now the Sudan. According to Arthur Custance the world population was only several hundred thousand.This Nimrod was a black man & satan when the black race was coming forth was telling them "hey Nimrod & all you black folk, all other non-black folk are not giving you any respect"!!!! I see this Nimrod like a black-liberal activist always complaining like a Jesse Jackson & as a "thorn in the flesh of Noah" !!!! Babel happened 20 years after the death of Noah in 3184 B.C. according to Barry Setterfield. He had to raise an army & enslaved the whole human race & only God/Yaweh coming down to confuse the languages really saved the human gene-pool & bright intelligent minds that satan wanted to destroy(destroy man physically & mentally) through Nimrod) !!!!! Is it said that Cush killed Nimrod & cut him up after the fall of Babel????? Also most racial groups of folk after Babel went north into what would become western Asia while most of the black race went south into Africa & Gondwandaland, the southern part of Pangea & everyone else went into Larasia the northern part of Pangea,"very interesting"!!!!! However most og Gondwandaland went under water in due time.

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