The Sons of God Were the Sethites

by David
(Alexandria, VA)

There should be no confusion about who the sons of God are in Genesis, if you understand that there were two distinct peoples after the fall. Genesis says that Adam had sons and daughter's and after Cain killed Abel he wondered until he finally set up a city.

In order to found a city you have to have a multitude. Cain's first son was Enoch. Most do not realize there were two Enochs. When Adam was 130 he fathered Seth.

Seth was to pickup the line of righteous men followed by his listed descendents. Keep in mind that the world sunk into corruption quickly after the fall of Adam. Not all of Adam's sons and daughters were righteous. Perhaps many joined up with their older brother Cain in his city and continued down their path of corruption. Cain was never sorry for his actions.

The few Sethites (those righteous descendants of Seth) most likely avoided the rapidly growing and wicked Cainites. Here you have the two types of men. Those who follow God and those who do not. Those who are righteous are known as sons of God. Those who are wicked are known as sons of man. In this case the righteous men saw the daughters of the worldly and intermingled, or married them, ultimately turning the righteous men into wicked men.

You see this going on today. If you marry an ungodly, or an unbeliever, the result will ultimately be that you will begin to follow the world.

They had children, of course, and in those days there were giants. Man's stature, strength, longevity and mental capacity pales in comparison to those living before the flood. Within 400 years of the flood you see a rapid shortening of peoples lives.

Up until the tower of Babel there was one language and a great deal of the knowledge before the flood was known to Noah and his 3 sons and their wives. Much of this knowledge was passed down. When the languages were confounded at Babel, the mass of Noah's descendents splintered and moved off to form different countries.

They realized that the lives of their fathers and grandfathers were longer than their own, and they realized they could not retain the knowledge of their ancestors. So each group developed their own written language in an effort to retain some of this rapidly dwindling knowledge, thus they began to write things down.

The Book of Enoch was not written by either Enoch before the flood. Just because it has the name of someone does not mean that it was written by that person. The descendants of Noah also noticed that their stature and strength was
diminishing as well, some faster than others. Noah and Seth remained alive all during this time even up to Abram's birth.

It is not at all unreasonable for either one of them to have met Abram, although this is not mentioned in the scriptures. Many of Ham, Shem and Japhath's son's and grandsons were giants as well, although maybe not as large as their fathers; but still much larger than the average person at Joseph's time. There were still some rather large stature persons at the time of David, such as Goliath.

While Goliath was probably not as tall as Shem or Ham, or their immediate descendants he would still seem like a giant to the Israelites in David's time and especially when the Israelites sent spies into the promised land. No doubt Abram was taller in stature and age as Jacob concedes to the Pharaoh of Egypt that his life is not as long and journeyed as his fathers and ancestors.

These giants, or Nephilim, were simply the mighty men of renown that lived long and had far superior knowledge before the flood and immediately afterward which began to depreciate rapidly. There are probably many reasons for the decline but God says he would shorten mens lives. When Noah came out of the ark, the entire earth was wrecked.

The soil was not as good in nutrients and the air pressure was most likely less and things just didn't grow as large. Noah and his family must have been very disheartened when the door opened and they saw the scarred and torn earth, knowing what beauty it was before the flood.

The book of Enoch is not divinely inspired. Many things in this book contradict the Word of God. The reference in Jude to Enoch is a reference to the man Enoch and not this questionable book of Enoch. Christ referred to Adam and yet there was no book of Adam. He was referring to the man Adam whom he had created. Those pushing the Book of Enoch are trying to introduce a false doctrine into God's word.

Claiming that there was a conspiracy to keep it out of the bible because it tells us what really happened back then. The way it is written, it's style and form are unknown from the Word of God. It introduces a new doctrine foreign to Salvation through Jesus Christ. Everything God has done, Satan always has a counterfeit.

When the book of Enoch is compared to Gods Word "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isaiah 8:20 the Book of Enoch fails miserably.

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Sep 06, 2018
Sons of Gods were not Sethites NEW
by: Truthseeker

The arguments put forth do not seem to be realistic. They are not substantiated properly. I disagree.

Aug 02, 2018
man men and mighty men NEW
by: david howlett

on study of gen6 God answers the question for us. He says and and men..He said 120 yrs is our life span. how mighty would we be if it were still 900.

Feb 21, 2018
Have there been evidence of these giants? NEW
by: David

Question: Have skeletons of Nephilim, sons of Anak, son of Aber ever been found?

First let me point out that we are all writing in the English language so you should use the word "giants" instead of "Nephilim" which was left untranslated in your question. As I have indicated in the article the word "Nephilim" translates into English as "Giants". There are some who would like to suggest that what we are talking about here is a separate race or a hybrid. This is a false doctrine. Man was simply larger in the time of Noah and his descendants were giants as well but each generation did not grow as large as the previous but were still large by today's standards.

Answer: Yes, there have been human (not some hybrid or separate species) bones found especially in North America in the previous 200 years buried in ancient mounds which are not Native American. Early homesteaders dug into them and found countless very large human bones buried. There are many old newspaper articles recounting the finds all over the Midwest. What happened to the bones? Just ask the Smithson (Smithsonian) Institution what happened. Not sure if I can post a link here but apparently they were acquired, hidden and finally disposed of by this world renown scientific organization. They were finally compelled to admit it in court documents that they dumped tens of thousands of these giant bones into the ocean. These would most likely be the descendants of Ham, Shem and Japheth who disbursed from the Tower of Babel in Peleg's days. Many of these people lived to be at least 200 years old and while not as large as Noah and his sons were still very large compared to modern man. These bones that have been found indicate that the owner was 7 to 12feet tall in some cases. As their lifespans shortened so did their size. There are a number of photos floating around the internet that show gigantic human skeletons being unearth but most of these are hoaxes produced by clever photoshop artists.

Feb 20, 2018
Nephilim NEW
by: Anonymous

Have skeletons of Nephilim, sons of Anak, son of Aber ever been found?

Dec 18, 2017
Sethites NEW
by: David

Everyone that has ever lived were of Adam's bloodline and DNA. Cain was also of Adam's bloodline and DNA. Seth was righteous as was Noah. Seth also had many son's and daughters but only Enos was considered righteous. Seth's other sons and daughters were not righteous and was in Cain's camp (not necessarily living in Cain's city but tended towards the same wicked thinking as Cain). The idea of a genetic connection or something in the bloodline or DNA is not what makes someone righteous or evil. It's their acceptance of the ways of God or the ways of man and living their lives accordingly.

Dec 18, 2017
Another Question... NEW
by: Anonymous

So, if I'm understanding... many of Seth's lineage weren't "Righteous." Any who were of Seth's bloodline still could (and many were) corrupted (likely to intermingling with the wicked or unrighteous). Another question would be whether Adam had other sons with it being they focused on the wickedest and the most righteous thereof (it did say he had sons and daughters). And, if Noah was the only righteous man alive, then the living Sethites had to be unclean (wicked or unrighteous) in some form or fashion.

Oct 18, 2017
A correction I must note NEW
by: David

I said that Noah and Seth remained alive . . .
It should read that Noah and Shem remained alive . . .

Oct 18, 2017
Satanic Information NEW
by: Anonymous

A tarot card advertisement on a so-called religious site??? It is a dead giveaway that you are satanic, and you know damn well that there is a line of Satan's offspring living on this earth right now. That's what the bible refers to when it mentions the wheat and the tares.

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