the RETURN of the GARDEN of EDEN

by Gary Parker
(Florence Arizona)

Jewish Eschatology explains that at the END of TIME the GARDEN of EDEN will Return. Well guess what it has RETURNED and I discovered IT ten months ago.

To see "IT" google; "MARK COWLING reporter, Florence Reminder, the New GARDEN of EDEN"

You will see my story of how I, Gary Parker, found the GARDEN and how you can see IT too. My e-mail is in the article. Please contact me if you have any problems finding the GARDEN.

Since I found the GARDEN I've been shown many things. For example; 1.) I've seen the Face of GOD the Father. HE is tired of living in the shadows and feels Mankind has evolved enough to handle seeing HIS true Face.(GOD is not Human) 2.) GOD has Forgiven ADAM, EVE, SATAN and CAIN. 3.)GOD and the GARDEN will Return to Earth on JULY 25th, 2022 at 7:21am (GMT). HE and the GARDEN will descend from the sky and land in EGYPT'S GIZA PLATEAU. No human will be harmed, no human will be permitted into the GARDEN. 4.)GOD does "not" want the 3rd TEMPLE Built. The complete TEMPLE will descend from the sky and land on TEMPLE MOUNT on July 25th 2022. 5.) GOD does "not" want any Animals SACRIFICED!! HE knows you love HIM, killing animals in HIS name is silly and stupid. 6.)JESUS is "not" GOD, but he is the LIGHT that guides souls to GOD and the TREE of LIFE.

There is waaaay to much to write, so please read the newspaper article, see the GARDEN for yourself, and contact me. I hope you see EVERYTHING. sincerely, Gary

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