The location of Gihon River.

by Floyd

I would like to suggest that the Gihon River runs a very different course that what this article claims. The Bible specifically identifies this course. 1 Kings 1:38 mentions that Solomon was crowned king at Gihon (Mt Moriah). 2 Chronicles 32:30 mentions that King Hezekiah built a dam over Upper Gihon "and brought the water by tunnel to the West Side of the City of David." Manasseh built a wall on the west side of Gihon (2 Chronicles 33:14). When the Bible mentions the Land of Cush, many do not take into consideration the Hebrew meaning of the word Cush. Cush simply means to gush forth. It does not necessarily refer a particular city or location but rather the name of the place derived from a fountainhead. That fountainhead gave rise to the four rivers. One of those rivers ran directly through Mount Moriah (Jerusalem) if we are to believe the biblical texts and not speculations of certain archaeologists. Gihon is under Mount Moriah!

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