The Ages of Terah & Abraham

by Erni W
(Adelaide, S Australia)

In Genesis 11:26-32 we are told that Terah:

1. had son/s at 70 years of age. (Is that when the first was born?)
2. Then that Terah died at 205 years.

If we look in the New Testament at Acts 7; Stephen says that:

3. Terah died before Abraham left Haran.

Genesis 12 v4 tells us

4. Abraham was 75 when he left Haran.

To me this means Abraham was the youngest son of Terah.So Lot & Abraham could have been similar ages (my thoughts).

Isaac would not have met or known Terah.

Could I have your thoughts on this please.

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May 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

Israel is a great country.

Sep 20, 2011
The Ages of Terah and Abraham
by: Lujack Skylark

Abraham was important so he is listed as first, but not listed in birth order.
(Genesis 11:26 Abraham listed first in importance.)

(Genesis 12:4 & 11:32 Abraham is 75 when Terah is 205. Abraham is born when Terah is 130 years old.)

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