It's not whether a perfect man can enter the Garden, the garden is still on this earth but we will never find it, because MAN is forbidden ever to go into the garden.

It is the forbidden garden no matter how hard man looks for it, and how many men think they have found it; they never will.

It will stay like this until God ends the world.

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May 14, 2011
The Garden
by: Lujack Skylark

The Garden of Eden disappeared in Noah's flood. Mankind will never find it. Hawaii is the next paradice rating second to Eden. Hawaii will be with us until Revelation 16:20 takes place.

May 14, 2011
The Garden
by: Robert Marshall;

You are right to say the garden is still on this earth. When God destroyed the people in Noah's day,the whole earth was disrupted and turned upside down.

There may be speculation as to the whereabouts of the Biblical Garden of Eden, but there is no evidence to support that story. Since God will destroy the heavens and the earth, and create a new heaven and earth that will be as perfect as when it was first created.

Jesus said you can't put new wine in an old wineskin. You put new wine in a new wineskin. Evil and sin will not exist in the new world. Eternal life will be the new wine, the new heaven and new earth will be the new wineskin

May 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

The Biblical Garden of Eden was destroyed in Noah's flood.

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