Melchizedek spoke through me

by Leslie Wetter
(Portland, Oregon)

Around the time I was in my later twenties I started channeling. Out of the blue a voice came out saying "I am Melchizedek." I never heard of the name as I was not taught the bible. It was such a foreign name that I gave him a first name, Michael. I came from a Jewish family who really had no religous sense save holidays. I was always drawn to the Catholic faith.

Melchizedek has been apart of my life before I converted to Catholicism. I call myself a Jewish convert. When I got my first Catholic American Bible I opened it up and I immediately turned to Hebrews and there was the name right before my eyes. I am a woman and He came through me and spoke through me. This is true. I have been waiting to come out with this once again.

What should I do with this gift? To whom do I turn? I don't know, but His words had so much meaning to those that heard him although I don't remember what was said. I wish I had the tapes that my former spouse has/had. I have no idea of where he is.

My problem is that while channeling I developed epilepsy. Certain people said I should stop channeling. I tried but could never as He has lead me through my darkest moments when there was no hope in sight he gave me the insight. I am not bragging. My question why did He pick me?

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