Joktan are Chinese

by Donovan

Joktan are the pure Hebrews. Genesis 10:25 states Heber had two sons, Peleg and Joktan. Genesis 10:30 says Joktan and family migrated to the Far East. They became the Chinese descendents. Peleg migrated to the Middle East and became the Israelite people.

That is where the term "Oriental" came from, the Middle East. God said Japheth will live in the tents of Shem. The modern majority of the people of the Middle East are an amalgamation of Japheth, Shem and Ham.

The Oriental Israelites were exiled from the Promised Land to this day. God promised to bring them back soon! Amen!

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Apr 22, 2017
joktan's are from isles of the philippines & indonesia NEW
by: christ

you can never find prof in other asian countries except philippines. our language has hebrew origin long before to spaniards came and we are the richest kingdom in asia because of our gold. our mountains has hebrew origins for ex. mt. puläg named in rémembrance of our greät father peleg, we have eskaya language which was very similar īn hebre.

Mar 25, 2017
by: Anonymous

This is mostly true , know doubt they are from the line of Joktan. But the seed counted as the chosen by the Most High came through Peleg, Joktans brother. Pelegs line gave birth to Abraham , Isaac, and the 12 tribes of Israel. most people will say the orientals are of Japhet but that does not fit with what was written in the Bible for them.

Dec 29, 2016
a possible worldview?
by: Anonymous

The people of Japheth dwelt in the coastlands of Eurasia, mostly north of the mountainous belt. The people of Shem dwelt in the mountainous belt of Asia stretching from the Caucasus to the Far East. The Hamites dwelt south of the central mountainous belt - Africa, Arabian Peninsula. I believe that the Canaanites, who bore the Noadic curse, separated earlier. They initially went west occupying Anatolia (Turkey). They most likely were the founders of the MInoan civilization.They were scattered abroad, meaning they were the first to colonize distant lands by seafaring, not easily reachable by land. Their descendants include the Phoenicians, who were the greatest sailors in the ancient world. Its possible that these first colonized Southern India.
Due to the nature of Noah's curse, the Canaanites would be easily displaced and enslaved by Shem and Japheth. The Aryan invasion of India appears to confirm this. The Myceanean civilization of Greece also successfully overthrew the Minoan one, confirming this. Also, the Israelites were successful in displacing Canaanites from Israel.
However, also, in many cases, it seems that the peoples who displaced the Canaanites chose to keep bits and pieces of the civilization and practices they left behind. Myceanean Greeks assimilated what the Minoans left however - polytheistic religion, alphabet etc. Israel was strictly commanded not to do this, however.

(These are just my opinions and views.)

Jul 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

Indians , sindis an bindis are from joktan
Not all indians are from joktan . Many are from the nabateans who are the chaldeans who are the arameans who are the nabateans whose origin is aws and athir which are the adites and thamud who mixed with akkadians and amorites (imliq) who have element of Arphaxad . People of arphaxad were fwelling in the west . The amorites and akkadians mixed with Canaanites ,the dravidians and people same as pure natives eho have their own language and culture

Sep 13, 2015
The blessing: Indo-Europeans & Eastern Peoples
by: Anonymous

The blessing that Noah gave was that Japheth would dwell in the tents of Shem, and that Canaan would be a slave to both Shem and Japheth. The children of Japheth are the Europeans; there are very few who would debate this. If you look at the blessing and look at history, this makes sense. The Indo-Europeans came into India mixed with the sons of Joktan and then went north, into Europe. Alexander brought the Greeks into the Middle East and came all the way to India. The Greeks mixed with the Syrians, Persians, Indians, etc. In India they created the Indo-Greek kingdoms; this is another example of Japheth mixing with Shem. Alexander's empire ended the Indo-Greeks remained and was absorbed by the local populations. The Scythians (the ancestors of the Russians), began as a tribe in North Iran. A part of them went south into India, where they mixed with the people and gave rise to the Indo-Scythians, and they were absorbed by the population. The British, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc all came into the lands of the Arabs, Persians, Indians, etc - ruled over these lands for short periods, mixed with the peoples and then left.

Before the age of colonialism, I do not believe there's any evidence of the Chinese being under European dominion during ancient times. The fact that China, Thailand and Japan never experienced the children of Japheth ruling over their lands is evidence that the people of these nations are from Japheth. They are direct family which is why they were never ruled over. I think the Orient is a mix of Japheth and Ham.

Also, the blessing seems to indicate that the children of Shem would be zealous for God. They would pursue God. Religion, both false and true, comes from the Semitic zeal for God. In the Western Semite lands you find Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. In the Persia and India you find Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Zoarastrianism, etc. These religions including the false ones spread out to the entire world because they originated from Semitic nations. There are many, many children of Japheth who follow Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Even today, you are more likely to find people to fight and die over religion in the area from India to Syria than in any other part of the world.

Jul 12, 2015
The Chinese
by: Anonymous

The Europeans in America are not dwelling in the tents of Ham. In America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. the Europeans have taken the land and made Ham's children serve them. The land was not given to Ham, Ham's children just went to these places first and then when Japheth's children came, the dominion over the land was taken.

India and Bactria have always been connected to Joktan. The Dravidians were the first to populate India. The Dravidian comes from the word Dravida which is also pronounced as Dravila, which is Havila in the Bible. Havila was the son of Joktan. India was also known to be where Ophir, son of Joktan settled. Ophir and Havila are both famous for gold, and gold is an obsession of Indian culture (probably more so than other cultures). There are Pre-Islamic Ethiopian texts that say that Rama, son of Kush lived East of Havila and Ophir. Rama was the father of Sheba and Dedan. In India and South-East Asia Rama is worshiped as a black skinned god (Kush was black). According to the stories of Hinduism, Rama had two sons - Lava and Cush (Sheba and Dedan). Rama built cities for his sons in the Eastern side of India so there was probably a lot of mixing between the sons of Joktan and the sons of Rama.

I'm not sure about the Chinese, I believe that they may be connected to Japheth, Ham, or Shem. In Jewish tradition, Japheth is the oldest son and the oldest son gets the double portion, so it's possible that two major races (the East Asians and the Europeans) come from Japheth. They could possibly be from Japheth's son Kittim (Kathay which is term used for the Chinese). Also remember that the Chinese were never colonized - only Hamitic and Semitic lands were colonized. The Hamitic lands and peoples were treated the worst. India and the Middle East were far better off than Africa. It could also be true that the Chinese descend from the Canaanites. Canaan was the father of the Sinim (Sinim = people of the land of Sin). Sina is an old name for China and the East. Additionally, the Hittites of Turkey were from Canaan's son Heth and whenever trouble broke out, the Hittites would migrate East across the Asian steppes. Even though Canaan was cursed, God always manages to keep a remnant for Himself. It could also be that the Chinese come from Shem. The older sons of Joktan could have moved into China. The scripture says that Shem was the father of all the sons of Eber. Why does it say this? The sons of Eber were probably multiracial. Remember, this is a time when one man could have 3-4 wives. The Arabs have a tradition that Eber married the daughter of Nimrod (who was black). This makes Eber's sons Joktan and Peleg half-black. If Joktan had one wife who was from Japheth, and one from Japheth, and other from one of his Semetic cousins, well you see that the kids come out with different features. No one in the world can say that they are 100% pure from Shem, Japheth or Ham. Ham's son Kush - according to the Arab legends - married three of the daughters of Tiras, the son of Japheth. Elam, son of Shem married a daughter of Ham. If you look at the paintings the Elamites had of themselves, they're all black.

May 04, 2015
Orientals are Descendants of Ham
by: Anonymous

This is absolutely ridiculous. Joktan's sons went to the East and not the Far East. The Chinese people have no claim whatsoever to Joktan or to Shem. Their language is different and no one would confuse an oriental with an Arabic in terms of looks or language or lifestyle.
The sons of Shem are Jews, Arabic, India, etc. Orientals are descendants of Ham.

Apr 12, 2014
Joktan are Chinese
by: Anonymous

Europe and Northern India were given to Japheth, and Africa and Southern India to Ham.

Middle East is doubtless a mixture of Shem, Ham and Japheth.

If China and America were given to Ham, then Shem receives practically very little. God cannot be so unfair.

If China and America were given to Ham, then the Europeans are dwelling in the tents of Ham when they migrated to America. If we are to base on Scriptures, Asia and America should be Shem, and the Europeans are living in the tents of Shem when they migrated to America.

There is no Scriptures that say Japheth dwell in the tents of Ham. No wonder all African nations regain their independence from the Europeans, but not the Americans Indians, the Maori of Australia and New Zealand, the Eskimos and the Asiatic people of Siberia.

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